BIBS Loops (5 Pack)


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It’s a classic loop that connects or functions as a clip. Designed and made in Denmark since the 1980’s, 100% BPA free!

Let your creativity run wild with these beautiful loops. We could play with it all day, the possibilities are endless.

Loop one onto your pacifier to make it easier to grab for you or your little one. Or loop a few together as a pacifier clip that you can attach to your clothes, your carrier, your pram, or anything that has a little hook to hook it onto! You can also string several together as a toy – it makes a little sound and is great for little hands to grip onto. And last but not least, the beautiful pastel colours make for great bit of decoration in any nursery too.

  • design and made in Denmark
  • diameter: 5cm
  • material: polypropylene(PP)
  • 100%  free from BPA, PVC and phthalates
  • be aware the loops are made of plastic and will expand over time-especially if you open them too much
  • colors can variate a bit from picture

Mix and match your colours, or get a few sets in the same colour! Pair a set with a Bibs Pacifier for a cute little newborn baby gift that will be adored.


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